• 10recenzii.ro is a professional reviews website with tops of products of the same type.  – from sketch to design and implementation– custom WordPress theme– easy and flexible way of writing for editors 
  • This is a private project, a private progressive web application developed for OxfordArchaeology to record on site data on hand-held devices so they remove the need to use pen and paper and then waste time by copying the data from paper to digital database in the office. The biggest challenge is that archaeological sites are sometimes away from reliable internet connection, so the application should continue to work and allow for data entry when connectivity to the server
  • newroco has been working for many Oxford Archaeology projects and as a company with web development at its core, it was highly expected to deliver a high quality website. Oxford Archaeology’s web editors are used to Joomla! CMS so the website was built with Joomla! A custom template, with different theme for front page, news, projects  and usual pages. Leaflet was used on the contact page to display the location of each office which is pulled from an Oxford
  • Past People of Oxfordshire project joined academics from the School of Archaeology of Oxford University with major stakeholders in the non-academic archaeological sector, namely Oxford Archaeology, government planning archaeologists of the Oxford City and Oxfordshire County Councils, and museum curators, to draw together data on previously excavated burials in Oxfordshire into a single database.  The Past People of Oxfordshire project enabled non technical personnel of various archaeological bodies to put together data from various sources into one database
  • To honour the achievements of Vivien, the Study Group for Roman Pottery has initiated this project to digitise Vivien’s gazetteer with the aim of enhancing this data. Stage one was the scanning and digitisation of the microfiche gazetteer and its mapping with a web interface for the large public to access and browse the data. To continue the legacy and enhance the impact of the kiln data, Andrew Peachey, on behalf of the Study Group
  • gasitorii.ro is a simple WordPress one page presentation website with custom template developed in such a way that photos and text can easily be managed for each section from the back end.
  • Eliaswimwear is an online bilingual swimwear shop in Romanian and English. It’s built on WordPress with WooCommerce featuring instagram photo gallery, full page sliders, newsletter and facebook messenger chat directly from website.
  • Time recording system It is a web application to be used by all employees for recording time spent on certain projects during their work week. It helps project managers to assess how much time has been put into their projects, who worked for their managed project, on what task and for how long, on which days and between what times. It helps for similar future projects to tell how much time is required and what staff.It helps
  • This is a web application built for Oxford Archaeology. It lets their Burials department employees record skeleton data either on their PC or on hand held devices. It records from general skeleton information to very detailed ancestry, sexing, age determination, metric and non metric traits, pathology information, bone inventory and even detailed information about each tooth in particular. Selecting a skeleton to work with The skeleton is the main data entry point. So after selecting the
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