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This was developed for a legal startup aiming to offer clients an easy digital collaborative alternative to working on multi-peer contracts. The main interface allows for writing contracts as in a usual rich text editor, but with added functionalities:

  • ability to easily indent and outdent paragraphs and clauses within paragraphs, this updates all other dependent clauses automatically
  • ability to drag entire clauses anywhere within the document
  • ability to add numbering
  • ability to set numbering style
  • a better way to add comments and discuss with other collaborators on specific clauses
  • ability to see editing history per clause
  • ability to ask for an external AI input on a specific clause – this was envisaged as a way to determine irregularities in legal writing and to identify clause category
  • ability to ask for approvals and reviews from other collaborators
  • ability to start a negotiation of the contract where each party would see each other’s changes and accept or dispute them
  • ability to print, export
  • ability to ask for other parties’ signatures
  • ability to create standard clauses and later import them in other contracts
  • ability to create templates and create contracts from saved templates