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Hassle-free projects? Yes, please. 
Here's how we achieve that for you:

Discovery Stage 
You decided you want to work with us, that's great. Now we need to understand the business case for the product you want to build in order to break up the project into clear milestones, put together the team, establish the technology stack, estimate time and effort, provision a timeline.So at this stage a Business Analyst from our team will get in touch with your team or with your product owner/manager. This is when you transfer the basic concepts of your product to our team. At this stage we will :

Understand your vision, goals and requirements
Define project scope, objectives and success criteria
Establish stakeholders
Establish communication channels

What you need to do at this stage

  • Prepare some time for several meetings with our team, depending on the complexity of the project. 
  • Have your project detailed as much as possible in writing [optional - we can do that for you] 
  • Prepare a communication channel and be prompt in answering our questions. 

Planning Stage
We'll prepare a solution and proposition including:


high level design


technology stack 


team composition


included activities 


major milestones




total costs


options of work flow: project based, sprint based, milestone based

What you need to do at this stage: 

  • Analyse our proposition to make sure it's in alignment with your expectations 
  • Decide how much you want to get involved in project management and how often we communicate and iterate 
  • Say yes to starting the project

Setup Stage
This is the part where we prepare for writing the code to implement the product based on the features and the documents resulted at the previous stage. For this purpose we shall:

build a dedicated software development team break up the major tasks into smaller tasks and assign to team members build the internal setup prepare a staging version of the application where you can watch the product take shape prepare the continuous integration setup

What you need to do at this stage: 

  • Nothing, just read our progress reports.

Developing Stage
The team will start to write the code, design the database, build up the architecture and the scaffolding first. At every step a Project Manager will make sure the project stays on track. A QA engineer shall make sure that what is done is in accordance with the agreed project plan.

What you need to do at this stage:

  • Read our progress reports.
  • Reply promptly to any questions that may arise during the development process.

User Acceptance Stage
This is when our team reached the end of the project, the end of a milestone or the end of a sprint. The complete work is ready for your team to validate and user-test the developed features on a demo version.
If this is reached at the end of a sprint, this is where we need to collaboratively evaluate progress and plan for future sprints.

What you need to do at this stage:

  • Validate and test the developed features 
  • Confirm and accept 
  • Plan for deployment 

Deployment stage
This is when you are satisfied with the project we built and you want to put it live, or in production mode. Our team will setup the servers and third party services for the live version. We'll test everything works as expected and as accepted during the previous stage, ensuring the quality and readiness for launch.

What you need to do at this stage:

  • Prepare to celebrate.

Maintenance and support stage
Now we take care of any maintenance and support activity your team may require after launch. We can make adjustments and even add features to keep your product thriving. Together we can tweak the performance and adapt the product to higher load, more users, more data and help write requirements for new features or improvements.