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Frequently asked questions

We respect clients, past, current, and future. As it happens with most businesses, clients have questions. Some are repetitive while others are quite interesting and sources for new services. If you are considering the prospect of working with us, the following questions might shed some light on how we approach certain situations. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How do you approach the development process?

Our development process is structured around a set of clear phases that incorporate appropriate technologies for client’s particular project. We have a personalized approach depending on client, service or project. This is a good way to start a fruitful collaboration.  
We begin with a discovery phase to understand your requirements, completed by planning, digital logistics, and design. This is where our specialists outline the roadmap and architecture. In addition, development is executed under frequent reviews and adjustment patterns. The newroco approach ensures flexibility and continuous development, incorporating useful feedback at various phases to align the final product with client expectations. 

Do you have a list of projects completed on time and within budget?

Yes! Visit our portfolio and discover the multitude of projects completed by our software developers. The portfolio showcases a variety of projects we have undertaken, which highlight our vast expertise across different technologies and industry sectors. 
You will discover how Newroco solves unique challenges through inventive solutions. 

What technologies do you specialize in?

Constant evolution is our groundwork. We develop learning programs to deliver some of the best results possible. At this time, our team specializes in a wide range of technologies, presented in the services section. We are proficient in modern programming languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, Python, Vue.Js, Laravel and Flutter. Our cloud expertise encompasses Google Cloud platform, enabling us to deliver scalable and secure applications tailored to meet diverse operational demands. 

How do you handle project management and client communication?

We strongly believe in transparency. As a result, all members of newroco prioritize clear communication throughout the project lifecycle in English. 
Our communication channels typically involve emails and online meetings. We can accommodate any platform for this task. 
We use ClickUp for project management and task tracking, for instant internal communication (but can include client members if requested). We have various other tools we built ourselves: time sheet system, estimation tool, etc.

What is your pricing model?

Every project is different and requires specific analysis. We do have flexibile price margins in order to accommodate different projects and budgets. Our price proposals are complete, including details of all costs upfront in order to ensure full transparency. 
Newroco does not have hidden costs. 
We may breakup the cost in multiple installments depending on project type:

  • Per sprint
  • Per milestone
  • Per entire project but split into stages
  • Monthly per service

How do you ensure the quality of the software?

Newroco development process implies quality assurance and security. As a result, our specialists employ testing phases  to ensure software quality and functionality. Our security protocols include audits and vulnerability assessments to safeguard your data and the integrity of the website/application.

What is your approach to user experience and design?

Given today’s digital frameworks, we have in motion a user-centric design process, with great emphasis on intuitive and pleasant aesthetics. We perform a user research and persona development in order to understand the audience better. This data allows design decisions, and thus the final product to be enjoyable to use.

How do you handle changes and feature requests during the project development?

Newroco has a flexible development stance to accommodate important changes and feature requests without disrupting the workflow. All changes are assessed for their impact on the project timeline and budget. To this end, we discuss all implications with clients to ensure proper decisions are made, with full transparency and understanding of their effects.