Who are we?

We are a team of enthusiastic people with vast IT related background and experience. Drop us a line and we’ll find a solution for your IT requirement



Need high quality implementation


Building today for the future ahead


A team combining development and sys admin for maximum value


Deserves speedy support services


High scalability and easy maintenance

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Welcome to newroco

Clients and partners

We have prospective clients who ask what are our capabilities all the time. Our natural response is that we solve problems through technology and we always get the job done.

Ready for new challenges

Let us know if we can help you improve your network infrastructure, monitoring, optimising your work-flow with cutting-edge technologies and solutions.


Here’s a list of technologies we support:

Our international partners

Here’s a list of our international partners

CP1 Associates provides holistic information consultancy to all sectors and CIO services for companies and organisations that do not need a full-time CIO or have an interim requirement.
Atmos Technology offers robust ICT solutions that provide better availability, improved efficiency, and offer flexible, scalable systems that meet the specific needs of your organisation. Atmos Technology also provides a range of managed services and support options to ensure your cover fits within every budget.

You want to see our jobs availability?

We’re just starting up, you have the opportunity to join a small team of enthusiastic founders with vast IT related background and experience while we embark on this exciting new project. We offer a generous employee share scheme for the successful candidate.