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Past People of Oxfordshire

Past People of Oxfordshire project joined academics from the School of Archaeology of Oxford University with major stakeholders in the non-academic archaeological sector, namely Oxford Archaeology, government planning archaeologists of the Oxford City and Oxfordshire County Councils, and museum curators, to draw together data on previously excavated burials in Oxfordshire into a single database. 

The Past People of Oxfordshire project enabled non technical personnel of various archaeological bodies to put together data from various sources into one database custom build for this exercise. There is a back end interface for gathering data, a front end to query the data either by various filters or from a map, an interface to browse the data in a tabular form. The web application provides a way to login to see sensitive information about the burials.


Technologies used 

All custom build PHP website with custom interfaces for data entry and data query. Used jQuery and Leaflet for web mapping. The database engine to store the data is PostgreSQL .