Oxford Archaeology website

newroco has been working for many Oxford Archaeology projects and as a company with web development at its core, it was highly expected to deliver a high quality website.

Oxford Archaeology’s web editors are used to Joomla! CMS so the website was built with Joomla!

A custom template, with different theme for front page, news, projects  and usual pages.

Leaflet was used on the contact page to display the location of each office which is pulled from an Oxford Archaeology hosted database.

Clicking on one of the office’s photos, zooms the map location.

Displaying the prominent company staff required a special Joomla plugin to be developed which enables filtering by staff position, team, office, but it’s also connected to their HumanResources database (which was also built by newroco) so they can decide who gets to be appear on the website. Also, if a staff member leaves, the moment the change is operated in their HR database, the person is removed from the website as well. 

Oxford Archaeology employs more than 400 people and some projects require temporary jobs, so recruitment is a very important aspect of their business. To ease their efforts we built an easy job application form using limesurvey and some custom code to pull and display the data in an easy to follow format for the HR manager. 

When people submit new applications, the system automatically notify the HR manager. The HR manager can then access and view the information but also to print it in a format designed especially for the recruitment process that meets all data protection act directives.