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Junior System Administrator

Job Description


To take on the remote maintenance and evolution of Linux/KVM servers (multiple client sites, >10 hosts) and contribute to development projects in collaboration with others. Combining a systems administration role with contributing to software development projects, this will be a challenging role, both in the breadth of the technology sets that need to be maintained and in the highly specialised nature of some of the development projects.


Some travel to and in the UK may be required. There is likely to be occasional need to work outside of normal office hours.



The following skills/knowledge section the items are grouped into “highly desirable” and “desirable“. It would be ideal to get a candidate that ticks most of the “highly desirable” boxes, but we’d also be interested in someone who, while unable to tick any from the first set, ticks a lot of the others.

From this list you can also get a clear picture of where you’re going to be after a year on our team.

Highly desirable


  • Experience with Linux server and desktop administration in an organisational context, preferably Ubuntu but other distros (and Unices) would be considered, particularly for candidates who are strong in other areas.
  • Experience developing and supporting RDBMS, pref. PostgreSQL and MySQL and with some exposure to HA technologies.
  • Experience managing KVM, preferably including use and implementation of virsh compatible management GUI overlays such as Archipel. Extensive experience with equivalent virtualisation technologies considered.
  • Experience working with Samba (v4) as server and authentication provider or as part of an authentication chain.


  • Eager to learn new things
  • Happy to test new technologies
  • Documentation obsessive
  • Experience developing and supporting Python apps, web/serverside and desktop
  • Experience developing and supporting PHP web apps
  • Experience supporting Bind or other Internet-class nameservers
  • Experience working with rsync in a backup context
  • Experience working with deployment technologies e.g. Puppet, Salt, etc
  • Experience working with iSCSI storage ssytems
  • Evidence of active participation in open source projects, whether documentation, helping other users, coding, etc..
  • Experience working with geospatial tech
  • Experience working with photogrammetry, particularly in its use for measurment
  • Experience in process automation i.e. applying exist or new technology to speed up or improve reliability of processes
  • Experience supporting and integrating CAS or other SSO solutions
  • Experience of supporting and maintaining large web-enabled file storage and sharing services e.g. nextcloud
  • Experience supporting Joomla
  • Experience supporting WordPress
  • An interest in Internet security practices and technologies
  • Experience with mass deployments of Android devices