Our website www.newro.co uses like most websites cookies in order to help visitors enjoy the very best navigation experience.

Cookies are used to facilitate access and delivery of different services, which any user enjoys while surfing the Internet. Among such services you will find personalizing language settings: how to select the language you wish to view the content or a simple access of the page previously viewed by using the back button. Cookies offer us information on how a user interacts with our website. Such information is used to arrange, edit the website’s content in order to make it more useful and agreeable.

What is a cookie?

An “Internet cookie”, known also as “browser cookie” or “HTTP cookie” is a small file, formed from numbers and letters, which is stored in the computer or device used by the user to access the Internet. This cookie is installed through a soliciting emitted by the web server to a browser. Depending on the browser you are using (Safari, Edge, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) the cookie is passive. You should know that a cookie doesn’t not have software like viruses or spyware! Furthermore a cookie does not have the capacity to access information present on the computer hard drive.

We should also mention that the duration of an Internet cookie is determined and mostly formed by two parts: name and content or its valour. Important: A cookie in its nature does not ask for information with personal character to use later on. Furthermore in the majority of cases, a cookie can’t identify at a personal level an Internet user.

There are two major types of cookies:

Session cookies – this type of cookie is temporarily stored in the cookie folder of the browser used by the user. This is where the cookie is stored until the moment the user leaves the website or opts to close the browser window.

Persistent cookies – this type of cookie is stored on the hard drive of a computer (with pre-determined life expectancy). This is where cookies are placed by another website that the user visits, known in common knowledge as “third party cookies”. Such cookies can memorize the users interests, which are later on to display relevant advertisement.

What is the utility of a cookie?

Cookies ensure that users undergo a pleasant experience whenever they visit a website. In other cases cookies help websites offer better services to their users (in accordance with their interests and preferences).

A user has the possibility of deleting, at any time, cookies by using the browser settings. You should know that most of the modern browsers – Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera or Chrome – offers users the possibility of changing the cookie settings. In most cases such settings can be found in the options or preferences menu (depending on the browser used).

Cookies we use and their lifetime:

Cookie name Type Persistency Use
_gat persistent 1 minute Limits data collection on high traffic sites
_ga persistent 2 years Used to distinguish users on google analytics
_gid persistent 24 hours Used to distinguish users on google analytics
gdpr persistent 2 years Used to track allowed cookies and given consents for both logged in users and visitors.

You have the possibility of consulting with confidence the following links in order to use the correct browser settings:

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